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Profile: Irving Langmuir

June 20, 2012


Irving Langmuir was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1881. He graduated as a metallurgical engineer from the School of Mines at Columbia University in 1903. He obtained an MA and PhD from Göttingen for work in Physical Chemistry under Walther Nernst. Langmuir worked as an Instructor in Chemistry at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New […]

Pulsed Laser Deposition: Introduction

June 15, 2012


In 1960 Theodore Maiman developed, demonstrated and patented the first laser, using a pink ruby medium and a helical gas discharge flashtube for optical pumping, at the Hughes Research Laboratory. Following Maiman’s break-through, theoretical and experimental studies were carried out on the interaction of lasers with solid, liquid and gaseous materials. The ease with which […]

Plasma Science and Technology in the Home

June 5, 2012


Scientific research is an important factor in the analysis of new technologies. It is important to have independent scientific data especially when we are talking about plasma technology. Plasmas are very complex and it is easy to make claims that are not based on true scientific fact. You can get a more detailed explanation about […]

Handheld Plasma Sabre Kills Bacteria

June 5, 2012


Atmospheric plasma created in air are known to kill bacteria.  The killing effect is not fully understood but it results from the very reactive nature of the plasma. To explain this the typical atmospheric plasma is a non-equilibrium plasma. This means that the electrons are accelerated by the strong electrical field. Because the electron is […]