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New Virtual Institute for Plasma Acceleration to be Established at DESY

July 9, 2012


A new Virtual Institute, which will make use of plasma wakefields, is to be established at DESY (DeutschesElektronen-Synchrotron(German Electron Synchrotron)). The newly established Virtual Institute “Plasma wakefield acceleration of highly relativistic electrons with FLASH” will do basic research to explore the possibilities of using the extremely high electric fields created in a plasma to reliably […]

US Military Developing New Weapon Using Laser Induced Plasma

July 4, 2012


The US military are developing a new weapon which might soon be making science fiction enthusiasts’ dreams come true. The device will shoot lightning bolts down laser beams to destroy its targets. Laser and plasma weapons feature in a wide number of science fiction universes. The phasers of Star Trek and blasters used in Star […]